I was born and raised in Indianapolis. My first job was as a bus boy at One-Liners Comedy Club. I ended up on the line during service and caught the bug quickly and with fervor. I moved to St. Louis, then Pittsburgh, all the while finding myself gravitating towards kitchens, almost always finding those from-scratch kitchens. The speed, the chaos, the mechanical buzz of equipment and plates clanging against stainless steel was and is everything to me. I moved back to Indianapolis in 2011 and attended The Chef’s Academy, where I graduated with honors. I’ve worked in several of the top kitchens in the city, Indigo Duck, Eagle’s Nest, Oakley’s Bistro, Black Market, and now, Plow & Anchor.

Hero: My local hero is Jon Godar from Eli Creek Farms in Connersville. He’s a farmer who is doing it right and raising the best pork in the state.

Favore dish to eat: biscuits and gravy.

Least favorite food to prepare: butternut squash, so many better fall squash.

Something always in the fridge or freezer: Dijon Mustard

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