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Launching June 24, 2024

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We aim to immerse you in Indianapolis’s ever-evolving food and beverage scene. We offer a daily exploration and celebration of food, drink, and life through the camera lens, of the written word, podcasts, and events. We connect passionate individuals with the stories, brands, and places that define Indianapolis as a vibrant destination for food, drink, and life.

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Edible Indy - Now Part of AGM: A New Era of Food Coverage!

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Edible Indy Stories & Updates

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Wild Eggs Cracks into Central Indiana with Major Expansion

Fans of the beloved breakfast and brunch spot, Wild Eggs, can rejoice as the restaurant chain sets its sights on a significant expansion in central Indiana. By the end of 2024, Wild Eggs plans to double its presence in the region, opening three new…

Edible Indy Announces Multi-Platform Expansion Under New Ownership

Edible Indy, a premier food and beverage media platform, is under new ownership effective. Adam Grubb Media (AGM), a Noblesville-based media and marketing agency, will run and expand the platform, celebrating central Indiana’s culinary spirit and…

The Indy Ranch Rumbling: A Facebook Frenzy Reveals Our City’s Undying Love for the Creamy Condiment

Indianapolis is a culinary melting pot, but for some of our most cherished connections, forget Michelin stars. Here at Edible Indy, we celebrate the food that fuels our city's soul, and sometimes, that means a plate of greasy fries begging for a dip…

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