Best Boy

Name: Kathy Pedrotti Hays
Company: Best Boy and Company

What do you sell? We sell high quality premium condiments (mustards, dessert sauces, bbq sauces and hot sauces) that give dishes that little something special. We also donate 100% of our profits to local charities.

When did you start your business? I acquired Best Boy and Company in January of 2018 from its founder, Wayne Shive
Social Media: @bestboyandco facebook: Best Boy & Co, Instagram: bestboyandco

Even though I am new to the commercialized food business, I am a nearly life-long foodie. Growing up in a single parent household with a working mom, I began tinkering in the kitchen around age 10. I loved to cook and I loved making meals special by giving them a signature touch. Often times my creations were complicated but I found that my family’s favorites were often special sauces or condiments. That was one of the appeals of Best Boy to me. You can literally spice up a Tuesday night meal with some signature sauces and make it a memorable meal.

Also, I have spent the last 18 years working with companies on developing social responsibility programs. With 100% of Best Boy’s profits going to local charities, I was drawn to help grow this business by continuing on the traditions of the founder- with the goal of expanding our products and sales to increase giving too.

Are you charitable? Who do you support? Yes! We are proud to be one of a handful of companies nationwide who give 100% of profits to charity. We recently shifted our focus to prioritizing our giving to local organizations that support kids and families in promoting their health and self-sufficiency. We are launching a new grant program in 2nd quarter of this year to reflect these changes. People ask how we define “local” since we are sold all over the country. We define local as not being affiliated with a national charity—organizations that have direct benefit in their communities.

Sweet or Savory? Definitely savory. This might seem funny since we have a line of dessert sauces! I love our dessert sauces because they are not cloyingly sweet. I think that’s why other people do too. They are great by themselves (can you say, by the spoon?) or also as a complement to other dishes. They are definitely not just for dessert.

What is the go to meal for your product that you love? Hard to name just one but right now, like the rest of world, I am in the love with the instantpot! I’d say cooking chicken or pork and using one of our bbq sauces, is a go-to. Everyone in the house can have their favorite bbq sauce (mine-carolina, my husband’s adobo and my son’s original) and is happy. Plus, after a long winter, bbq seems like a real treat. This winter, I loved blending some of our hot fudge with chili’s with some milk for a Mexican hot chocolate. I eat our mustard on anything—literally. My friends will tell you I have an ENORMOUS collection of recipes that feature mustard!!!

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