This year in the United States Championship Cheese Contest, local artisan cheese producer Schnabeltier won gold with its peppered cheese. Cheesemaker Glenn Goss and assistant Haley Lehman crafted this award winning cheese using locally sourced milk from Lemler Farms of Bourbon, Indiana. This is the first year that Schnabeltier has entered into the prestigious cheese contest.

The United States Championship Cheese Contest is the largest competition of its type in America. Schnabeltier’s Chipotle Gouda came out on top in its category. Their cheese scored an impressive 99.50 out of 100 in the peppered cheese category. Schnabeltier’s Chipotle Gouda is a fan favorite in the company’s hometown of Rochester, Indiana. They plan on entering the United States Championship Cheese Contest again when it is held in 2017.

Schnabeltier Cheeses can be found around central Indiana at the following locations:

Goose the Market, Indianapolis

Sullivan’s Hardware, Indianapolis

Wildwood Market, Fountain Square

Milktooth (on the menu), Fountain Square / Fletcher Place

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