Indianapolis-based Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery has won gold, silver and bronze medals at the 5th annual Denver International Spirits Competition in Broomfield, Colorado for its Mike Moonshine, Romeo Rum and Lima Charlie Limoncello, respectively. Each of the award-winning spirits is available in Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan. The distillery’s Golf Gin is also available in Ohio, predominantly in the Cincinnati area.

“We are honored to have our work recognized by our peers in such a high level of competition,” said Brian Willsey, co-founder of Hotel Tango. “It’s so great to be in a business where you can see people enjoy your product.”

The double blind competition received entries from 350 establishments worldwide and was judged on a 100-point scale by a panel of 20 spirits authorities based on appearance, aroma, taste, mouth-feel and finish. The honors land the year-old distillery among such notable brands as Bacardi, Dewars and Johnnie Walker.

New cocktails on Indy menu
New cocktails featuring the award-winning spirits debuted on the spring / summer menu in Indianapolis this week, including the Hotel Tangorita with Romeo Rum, Cactus Jack featuring Mike Moonshine and the Italian Stallion with Lima Charlie Limoncello.

“We’re proud to have had a good showing in Colorado and are eager to tell our customers and buyers about it,” said Travis Barnes, co-founder of Hotel Tango. “A win like this helps open doors to new distributors and importers. Best of all, more customers can appreciate and enjoy our fine spirits.”

Mike Moonshine – 1st Place, Corn Whiskey Moonshine
This unaged whiskey is made one batch at a time with the finest Indiana sweet corn, sugar, yeast and water, and then distilled to create a high-quality moonshine in its truest form. Available in 375/750ml bottles. 90 proof.

Romeo Rum –2ndPlace, Rum White
Made with black pearl molasses, Romeo Rum has a creamy vanilla flavor and smooth finish. Perfect for matching with a cigar, mixing in a cocktail or just served neat. Available in 375/750ml bottles. 90 proof.

Lima Charlie Limoncello – 3rd Place, Other Liqueurs
Lima Limoncello is made by macerating high proof vodka in lemon zest for two to four weeks. After draining the finished product, sugar and boiled lemon zest are added to capture the color and cool citrus flavor. Available in 375/750ml bottles. 70 proof.

In 2015, Hotel Tango, the first service-disabled, combat veteran-owned distillery in the country, won Indiana Distillery of the Year and placed against 500 spirits from over 35 countries at the New York International Spirits Competition.

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