Right now in Indy, local is king. If you can think it, chances are, someone locally is making it. So how about really good pickles made with local craft beer? Yes, that’s happening, thanks to Indiana Pickle Company. Owner Rob Carmack came up with the idea while attempting to re-create a heirloom recipe from his childhood.

“Growing up on a small farm, my mother would take cucumbers from the field and pickle them in a whiskey barrel. My entire adult life I have never found anything close to them, so I finally just asked Mom for the recipe and got to work” said Carmack.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that I too loved these same pickles as a child. How could this be possible? Was the author a child pickle stalking thief? Not quite. You see, Rob is my … brother. I bet you weren’t expecting a little twist in a pickle tale, were you? Anyway, Rob had this idea to make Mom’s pickles—only, instead of using a whiskey barrel, why not brine them in craft beer? Genius was born.

So what are these beer pickles? Rob rounded up growlers from some of Indy’s top breweries, picked cucumbers from his garden and hit the kitchen. What he ended up with will simply blow your mind. Complex layers of flavors hitting your mouth at different points and moments, leaving you in a pickle-lust haze wondering “where have these been all my life?” I’m talking about creations like dill chips bathed in Sun King Wee Mac Scottish Ale (fondly named Wee Willies), or how about Spicy Spear Splitters infused with Triton Rail Splitter IPA? And don’t miss sweet, juicy pear and plum brined pickles in Flat 12’s Walkabout or spicy baby carrots (Dragon Tails) with a kick of Upland’s Dragonfly.

These pickles are more than just talk. They recently took top honors at Indy’s Hottest Kitchen Entrepreneur Challenge. I’m not just saying this because my brother makes them—stop what you are doing right now and get some pickles! You can thank me later.

You can find jars at Goose the Market, and soon at R2GO, as well as other specialty markets and breweries.

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