Summer grilling is great, but burgers and dogs are only as good as the condiments that dress them up. Step away from the packaged varieties and try your hand at DIY condimentsto make haute dogs and hamburgers.

Ketchup, found on

Heinz, schmeinz. Homemade ketchup is easy and delicious, and is open to a world of interpretation. Why stop at tomato? We’ve got recipes for ketchups made from cranberries, rose hips, figsand more.
Mustard, found on

Freshly made mustard’s piquant punch is a great complement to charcuterie, pickles, cheeses and so much more. Vinegar, wine or beer as a base take it in different directions. Here’s how.
Relish, found on

Tangy, sweet-sour pickle relish is de rigueur on hot dogs, but there are many, many other variations from around the world. Relish the options here.
Mayonnaise, found on

You know that shelf-stable stuff in a jar isn’t really mayonnaise, right? Homemade mayonnaiseis a revelation, and is infinitely adaptable. Add garlic for the classicaioli, or mix in whatever seasonings strike your fancy.
Hot Sauce , found on

Hot Sauce
Sriracha and sambal oelek. Tennessee cherry peppers to chiltepins to habaneros. We’ve got a peck of piquant pepper potions to tickle even the most calloused palate.
Oil Chow Chow, found on

Chow Chow
A classic Southern relish, chow chow uses garden-fresh ingredients including green tomatoes in a sweet and sour mix.

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