The gifts at PumkinFish bring a splotch of color and culture to downtown Indianapolis. Owner Will Acton travels extensively—he just got back from Argentina, one of his favorite places to be, and remains enthusiastic about introducing small batch, craft and handmade gifts to Indy. And while PumkinFish does offer some international products, most are sourced locally. Acton says it’s been hard to break into the world of retail, but the ability to operate in the Indianapolis market inspires him.

“The excited response in Indianapolis is rewarding,” says Acton. TheMassachusetts Avenue location attracts both tourists and locals who are enthusiastic about the livelihood of the store, one of Acton’s favorite parts of operating downtown. With goodies on every shelf, one might find themselves pleasantly surprised at the selection of treasures.

In May, the “unique and upscale gift store” will celebrate its one-year anniversary. PumkinFish carries a little bit of everything, from soap scrubs to syrups to greeting cards. Acton plans to kick off the one-year anniversary with more for his customers. This summer, the shop plans to work closely with a florist and offer flowers as well as other live plants and vegetables in store. Its snack selection is also set to broaden with farm market popsicles and small batch ice cream.

Pumpkinfish - popsicles

Acton plies his travels as direction for PumkinFish—he will find something he likes and introduce it to the Midwest. For instance: during his trips to India, he found some fun odds and ends he thought would fit in well at the store. He didn’t hesitate to bring them back to Indiana and share their story with his staff in customers. In the last year, this has successfully served as an eclectic strategy for shoppers, whether they are constructing a gift basket or on their way to a housewarming party. PumkinFish is warm and inviting with a slew of knick-knacks, art and an educated staff. Acton is excited as ever to get the ball rolling come summer and to continue introducing new, interesting artifacts to the city of Indianapolis.

As a destination, PumkinFish encourages one to step out of their comfort zone a bit and shop for something new. It offers small trade snack foods, keychains, soaps and beyond. PumkinFish is the perfect place to mill around for a gift or a treat for yourself. Acton knows there is a history behind every gift in the store—from where it originates to why it was made in the first place. Each item at PumkinFish is manufactured in love and the purpose to spread it, just like the gift shop itself. He encourages new and returning customers to stop by for a surprise and an “Ah-ha!” next time they find themselves on the hunt for the perfect present.

429 Massachusetts Ave.

Pumpkinfish - syrup

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