Natural Born Juicers is not your average juice bar. Then again, husband-and-wife owners Corey and Laura Beatus are not your average juicers.

For starters, take the name of their shop, at City Market in downtown Indianapolis.

“Corey and I dressed up as characters from Natural Born Killers one Halloween; we decided then that Natural Born Juicers would be a perfect name for our juice bar,” Laura says. “We aren’t the most delicate or quiet human beings, so we wanted to build a space where we have the freedom to be loud and rough and throw things around. Plus, juicing is kind of a violent way to process fruits and veggies, so it seemed appropriate!”

Natural Born Juicers crafts juices that are loaded with nutrients and offers bottled-juice cleansing and detoxing programs designed to jumpstart your health. But unlike some counterparts across the country that take a Zen-like approach, Natural Born Juicers does it all with an edge.

Laura and Corey met 12 years ago while both worked at Lucky’s Juice Joint in New York City, where they fell in love with juicing – and with each other. After getting married in 2007, Laura and Corey began to dream of running their own business. They hit the road in 2008, selling their juices at traveling music festivals before settling in Indianapolis (Laura’s hometown) a year later to try their luck on the farmers’ market circuit. Their juices proved so popular, City Market director Stevi Stoesz approached them about taking a permanent booth at the market, which they did last year.

These days, their customers can order from a menu of around 20 different juices and smoothies, the most popular being the Ultimate Greens, a vitamin-packed blend of apple, lemon, ginger, celery, cucumber, parsley and dark leafy greens. The shop sources locally as often as possible from Growing Places Indy, Beasley’s Orchard, Wildflower Ridge Honey and other Indiana producers.

Customers are able to customize drinks, too.

“Juicing is an intuitive process,” she says. “We love it when people make up their own recipes.”

JuiceKelley Jordan Heneveld Corey and Laura Beatus alt=” Corey (left) and Laura Beatus are the husband-and-wife team behind Natural Born Juicers, where they offer fresh, raw juices to go and bottled juices that have a shelf life of three days. ” /> Kelley Jordan Heneveld

To maximize the health benefits, Laura recommends drinking freshly processed raw juice within an hour. Meanwhile, pressed juices that have been bottled have a three-day nutritional shelf life. Natural Born Juicers offers a popular three-day pressed juice cleanse program that Laura says helps kick junk food cravings.

“When you juice, you’re consuming the vitamins and minerals of more veggies and fruits than you’d be able to eat in one sitting,” she adds. “Your stomach doesn’t have to work at digesting, so all the nutrients are immediately and easily absorbed.”

What’s next for Natural Born Juicers? Laura and Corey will start retailing bottled pressed juices from their City Market location and at the Indy Winter Farmers’ Market.

“Someday, we’d love to offer home delivery,” Laura adds. “We’d also like to open a second location in Broad Ripple as soon as the universe allows us to.”

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