Meet Susan Garrett – I hope you find her as charming as I did when I met her in Iowa City at a food conference in the fall of 2015. She adds just the perfect amount of pescetarian flare to our Blogger Bites segment. Enjoy!

What’s in your refrigerator right now? What’s one thing that’s always in there…

It’s a semi-organized jungle in there….as much organic fruit and vegetables the crispers can hold, fresh, wild caught sockeye salmon, lots of different hot sauces, farmers’ market kimchi, local eggs, cashew milk and maple syrup from a friend’s sugar house. The one thing that is always in my fridge is a large jar of capers…those little salty, briny, flower buds of love go into salads, on fish and in sauces!

What’s your go-to staple when you cook?

I use low sodium veggie broth either homemade or the store bought organic types. I cook all my savory grains with it instead of just salted water. The broth adds an extra depth of flavor. I sometimes just sip on it instead of an afternoon coffee or tea with added grated ginger and lemon.

Favorite food to eat?

No doubt, fresh from the vine, red ripe tomatoes! I eat them like the fruit that they are. It is so sad when the end of the summer comes around and you know that it won’t be long until the tomatoes are gone.

Favorite food to cook?

Fish, any kind as long as it’s wild caught and sustainable. As a pescetarian, I make quite a few seafood dishes every week.

Pick your favorite meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner?

I’d have to say lunch. I love to gooutfor lunch. It’s a great time to feel out a new restaurant without a big time or money commitment.

If you could have one food celebrity cook for you, who would it be?

Easy, although not always a popular choice…the always edgy, Anthony Bourdain. I really could care less if he cooked anything for me, I’d like to share a really nice bottle of wine and listen to his stories!

What is one thing our readers may not know about you that you would like them to know?

I’m also a floral designer and I make those large floral blankets that are donned by champion thoroughbred horses when they win major stakes races. One was just preserved to go into the Racing Hall of Fame!

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