We love food bloggers as much as our readers do, so we’ve decided to feature some of our favorites ones here on our website. Gabriela Rodiles’ food blog Gourmet Gab focuses on simple, healthy recipes. She contributes videos to Food NetworkSnapchat Discover and loves sharing new recipes on camera. You can learn more about her here and by visiting her website atT heGourmetGab.com.

Edible Indy: What’s in your refrigerator right now? What’s one thing that’s always in there…

Gabriela Rodiles: My refrigerator is stocked right now after a haul to Trader Joe’s – my favorite spot to shop for groceries. Right now I have tofu black bean bowl leftovers, tons of fresh produce, items for my salad of the week (an easy niçoise), a couple different cheeses and a bottle of red wine. You will always find at least one jar of peanut butter and almond butter in my fridge. Right now I have four jars!

What’s your go-to staple when you cook?

Olive oil without a doubt! It is my favorite ingredient because it transforms regular veggies into roasted, crispy goodness. You can dunk any bread into good quality extra virgin olive oil for an appetizer, drizzle it over sliced avocado for a snack or make a savory oatmeal with it and add a sprinkle of salt. The options are endless for anytime of the day.

Favorite food to eat?

This is such a hard question! Besides peanut butter toast with cinnamon and agave, I absolutely love salads. A big bowl of greens with so many toppings, fruits and veggies, and a flavorful dressing is something I could eat everyday.

Favorite food to cook?

One of my favorite things to make, especially in the winter, is soup. I love the magic of all these separate ingredients coming together to create a warm, flavorful and comforting dish. You can make soup from practically anything and even freeze it for later! I won a stunning cobalt blue Le Creuset Dutch oven on another blog a few years ago and it is my favorite kitchen item. It has produced a lot of great soups over the years!

Pick your favorite meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Breakfast has been my favorite meal since I can remember. When I was little the first words out of my mouth when I woke up would be, “I’m hungry!” Breakfast helps me jumpstart my day and feel fueled to accomplish anything.

If you could have one food celebrity cook for you, who would it be?

Giada De Laurentiis is my number one celebrity chef crush. I have been a loyal follower of hers for ages and hope to meet her one day! I went to her restaurant in Las Vegas and felt like I was eating at her home. Her light, California take on classic Italian dishes is inspiring to me and her recipes always look as gorgeous as they are delicious.

What is one thing our readers may not know about you that you would like them to know?

One thing readers may not know about me is that I started my own cake decorating business called Cake Girl when I was 14. I made custom fondant cakes from scratch and was completely self-taught! It was a great experience and helped me learn about entrepreneurism from a young age. It gave me inspiration to create my blog years later and continue building my own brand around food.

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