When is your favorite time to get coffee? Coffee isn’t just a morning beverage—it’s complementary to a shopping experience, an art show or a musical debut. Indianapolis’ love for coffee is no secret, and word is traveling fast about these up-and-coming coffee curators. Where do you get your fix?


Soho Cafe coffee and muffin

Soho Cafe Menu Board

Soho Cafe Patio photography: Hamilton County Tourism

Vivian Lawhead’s husband and four sons are Carmel High School graduates. The family grew tired of the lack of independent coffee shops in their area, so it was unanimous: they would make what was missing. In time, SoHo has become like a haven for local artists and art-lovers altogether; the family-owned business features studio space and open mic nights, plus other events that showcase nearby talent. Located on the Monon Trail, its big-city coffeehouse feel draws a diverse clientele.

“Obviously, our forte is coffee—all organic, single origin espresso and brewed coffee,” says Lawhead. SoHo offers coffee beverages and a selection of loose-leaf teas, pastries and croissants. Gluten and dairy-free options are available, if preferred. “Light breakfast, lunch, beer and wine are also on our menu.”

SoHo is known for its ambience and authentic, unpretentious feel. It’s a great spot to sit and relax, but also a place to plan a meeting; the café has a private room—which can be reserved—and plenty of space for smaller gatherings. Being family-owned and independent, SoHo proudly supports local nonprofits through donations and monetary support.

“We love displaying and selling local art year ‘round—our gallery is always changing” says Lawhead. “We offer a wonderful patio setting right on the Monon and are proud of our wonderful staff!”

620 S. Range Line Rd
Carmel, 46032


Indie Coffee Roasters - carafe of coffee next to a laptop

Indie Coffee Roasters - bearded man in a red and black plaid shirt grinding coffee

Indie Coffee Roasters - package of coffee

Indie Coffee Roasters - photo montage photography: Indie Coffee Roasters

Indie Coffee Roasters (ICR) is a brand built on a dachshund. In 2013, co-owners Alec and Jenny Tod ventured out to sample coffee, only to return home inspired. The couple purchased a WhirleyPop popcorn maker and a notion was born—the inkling of a coffee shop.

In 2017, co-owners Kevin and Diane McAndrews joined the team of two, doubling efforts to grow ICR into what it is today. Indie (Alec and Jenny Tod’s dachshund) is the inspiration for the coffee parlor’s name and logo. It is simplistic and fresh, just like the coffee they serve.

At ICR, you can find a selection of coffee from around the world and an experience like no other. Trusted team members are happy to walk you through the menu and answer questions; there is a signature drink menu that changes with the seasons.

Co-owner Alec says, “We love being in the heart of the Carmel Arts District. There are amazing local businesses in the area.”

And much like these other businesses, ICR’s main goal is to give its guests a powerful experience. It values its customers above all else and encourages them to broaden their love for coffee.

With a focus on providing high quality drinks and excellent customer service, ICR’s menu is quite minimal. Rather than take away from your coffee encounter, the menu is meant to add authenticity to your experience. The husband-and-wife team of four is one big family, and they hope that their patrons feel they are part of that. In efforts to expand coffee culture in the Indianapolis area, ICR aims for top-notch service every day.

220 E. Main St.
Carmel, 46032


Table at Della Leva

Della Leva - croissant photography: Hamilton County Tourism

Della Leva, locally owned and operated in Fishers, brings high-quality coffee drinks to the Indianapolis area. The shop prides itself on great coffee and fine teas. It was created to introduce an artisanal, European taste to the Midwest coffee scene. Not only is it discerning about its beans, but it uses the highest quality espresso machines to craft each beverage.

The atmosphere at Della Leva is laid-back and open—it hopes that customers will drop in for an espresso after work, or maybe hit the drive-thru on their way. “We’re very excited to be able to provide our incredible coffee, breakfast and lunch food through our drive-thru,” owner Bridget Edgeworth says.

A vintage café with a modern twist, Della Leva puts its own spin on classic favorites. It sells breakfast and lunch, including quiche and pastries, and sources locally. Smoking Goose meats are used on lunch sandwiches, offered alongside treats from Gallery Pastry Shop and No Label at the Table. Edgeworth says, “We are proud to make Indianapolis’ finest available to this corner of Indiana and to help other growing local businesses thrive!”

8220 E. 106th St., Suite 200
Fishers, 46256


Vardagen sign photography: Hamilton County Tourism

Jared Ingold, owner of Vardagen apparel store, found himself inspired after a trip to New York City. In addition to selling shirts and outerwear, he wanted to create a more encompassing experience for customers. After a run-in with some guys at Brickhouse Coffee Roasters, Ingold and friends took on the project of building an integrative espresso bar inside Vardagen.

The espresso bar opened in June of 2015. It featured Sure Shot Cold Brew on tap, which has soon turned into a local favorite. In time, the demand for Sure Shot Coffee grew so much so that the espresso bar now presents a “Six Shooter,” which allows patrons to take home six servings of coffee.

Ingold’s vision for Vardagen is coming to life, but he says there is more to do in the future. “We’re constantly working on improving and offering more to our customers when we feel the timing is right,” he says. “This project is about building something great together. The more support we get from the community, the more we can offer.”

8684 E. 116th St.
Fishers, 46038

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