Lisa Abendroth opened her specialty meat shop in downtown Columbus this summer to offer high-quality meats coupled with corner-store customer service. In addition to gourmet gelato, imported cheeses and hard-to-find wines, the glass cases at The Savory Swine showcase a seasonal cast of hormone- and antibiotic-free meats. Custom cuts are encouraged.

“If you see New York strip steaks, but you don’t like the thickness of them, we’ll cut you a new one,” she says.

You can watch Skip Chambers and Rovair Whitehead, the shop’s two butchers, do just that. Wide windows wrap around the in-store cutting room where the butchers work, giving customers a peek at the art of meat cutting – something that supermarkets have nearly eliminated.

Such service means that unusual cuts – like tri-tip, a cut of sirloin more commonly found in Abendroth’s native California – are now available for the asking. Gourmands can savor the Swine’s jalapeño burger patties and dry-aged pork chops, and fans of Indianapolis’ Smoking Goose Meatery will find its cured and smoked meats and sausages in stock.

To complete the meal, the shop also features a wine-tasting counter and plenty of recommendations to help customers find the perfect bottle for the perfect cut.

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