Garden ingredients can make the most beautiful summer arrangements. The Flower Boys at the Indianapolis City Market have outlined some simple do-it-yourself tips to create your own scrumptious bouquet for any occasion.


Think about color.

Do you want a monochromatic look?
Or a fun, colorful spread?
Create a palette before you start.

Pick out one large, central focus element: THRILLER
a green element:FILLER
and then three to four elements:SPILLER

Summer favorite flowers:dahlias, zinnias, hydrangeas, daisies, billy balls and sunflowers

Hearty produce: rainbow carrots, Brussels sprouts, radishes, root vegetables, asparagus and kale. Use veggies that are resilient and have a longer life span; avoid lettuce, tomatoes, squash and cucumbers.

Herbs:mint, sage, lavender, chamomile and bee balm. Include for scent and even protection from mosquitoes.

Vessel:Use a clear vase, glass or Ball jar— you want to see vegetables in the vase. You want something big enough to support the weight and the foam.

Pro Tip: You can also use a full head of cabbage as a vase by cutting out the middle and placing the foam inside the cabbage.


Floral foam: Soak it in a combination of water and flower food before you insert anything. After soaking, trim foam to size and place it on the vase. From there, cut flowers at a 45° angle and puncture the foam with those stems.

Pro Tip: Tie carrots together at the top and to the foam to allow for the suspended look. Use clear dental floss, twine or sewing thread.

Pro Tip: Place asparagus stalks around the outside of a non-round vase and tie with a ribbon or twine to give your arrangement a more creative element.

THE FLOWER BOYSwas created by Jake Rupp and Jake Smith to bring joy to the community by creating pieces that are unique, lovely and cost-effective. Located in Indianapolis City Market, we specialize in fresh cut flowers, DIY workshops and customizable weddings. Stop by our booth and let us help you make today beautiful!

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