Formerly known as Finch’s Brasserie, The Roost has welcomed Chef Seth Elgar back to the kitchen. Upon his return in 2017, a transformation has been underway for the restaurant. The Roost, at 514 E. Kirkwood in Bloomington, is in for an updated look and feel; it caters to a fun, friendly environment while offering the same quality of service as the former Finch’s Brasserie. The Roost and its team hope to make a worldlier impression on customers and fellow food lovers with a varied menu.

With the help of Sous Chef Abel Garcia, Chef Elgar has carefully curated a menu full of new—and old—favorites, such as the Dordogne Pizzetta (now called the Queen Bee), Vietnamese meatballs and even a new twist on the enchilada. Fish specials will also remain on the menu, so returning customers have nothing to fear; owner Candace Finch has not lost sight of what’s done her well in the past. The new menu will feature dishes built on Chef Elgar’s personal experiences, with a twist on the traditional favorites.

Candace Finch explained. To her, the restaurant rebrand means stepping over a threshold. She is proud of how Finch’s Brasserie has grown since 2007 and is excited to sit back, take a breath and showcase what the place knows best. The Roost’s bar manager, Stella Snyder, is running a social operation in the dining room, which is set with communal tables and a lively cocktail scene. Finch says that new lighting, art and an all-around livelier setting is here.

A Brasserie History: The Roost originates from Finch’s Brasserie; this is how the journey began.

Chef Jeff Finch moved on from Finch’s Brasserie in the last year and has found new success elsewhere. In his absence, Candace Finch and Chefs Elgar and Garcia have dedicated themselves to developing a new and improved version of Finch’s Brasserie known as The Roost.

As many know, when change occurs, some things stay the same. Finch’s Brasserie has been known for its emphasis on farm-to-table dining, a value that has carried itself over to The Roost. Wood-fired pizzettas—or “finger pizzas”—will continue to hold their own on the menu. The best patio in Bloomington is ready and ecstatic to extend a hand to new and old visitors. The Roost continues to support local artists and the food and local farming community.

“At The Roost, our guests, returning and new, are in for a fun atmosphere,” Candace Finch says. Stop in for new dishes, new cocktail specials and an upstairs bar experience. The rebrand and redesign of The Roost is expected to bring a sweet, comfortable escape to the streets of Bloomington. Come on in to grab a drink and expand your palate.

The Roost | 514 E. Kirkwood, Bloomington |

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