Ordering up a coffee drink at Milktooth is anything but ordinary. That’s because the restaurant is the first and only place in Indianapolis with a Modbar. Of course, that brings up the obvious question—what on earth is a Modbar?

Simply put, a Modbar is an espresso brewing system. But it is so much more than that, and I made it my mission to experience it first hand.

Upon entering Milktooth, I looked all around for the Modbar, but I did not see it anywhere. I saw the coffee bar, the to-die-for pastries and all of the coffee fixings, but nothing resembling an espresso machine. Curiosity overwhelmed me and Milktooth co-owner Ashley Brooks kindly pointed it out to me.

I had overlooked it because the only part of the machine visible was the group-head, steam-wand and drip trays. The Modbar occupies very minimal counter space because the other components, like the boilers and control system, are under the countertop.

As the barista began to make me a latte, I had a clear viewing path to all parts of the drink preparation area. And for the first time ever, I finally saw every single step of how the drink was made. There was no peeking around a big wall of machinery, and no loud noises that sounded like an airplane taking flight. It was nothing short of a beautiful operation. And better yet, I was actually able to have a conversation with the barista. She took her time and was able to explain step-by-step the ingredients and exercise of completing my latte.

And believe me when I say it was the best coffee drink I’ve ever had. It was exceedingly robust and silky. Seemingly, the Modbar is designed for excellence in terms of flavor extraction. It provides the barista precise control over the temperature, pre-infusion, pressure and length of the pull.

This trendy piece of equipment certainly isn’t inexpensive, especially for a business recently opened. But Brooks explained their goal is to provide a unique and premium experience, and the Modbar was a necessary piece of equipment to achieve this goal.

Additionally, it should be noted that Milktooth also offers pour over and drip brew options, and all of their coffee drinks are served using local Traders Point Creamery milk and a variety local roasted coffee beans.

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