Edible Indy, a leading Indianapolis-based food and beverage media platform, has been acquired by Adam Grubb Media (AGM), a Noblesville media and marketing agency. The move signals a new chapter for Edible Indy, with plans for a multi-platform expansion designed to further connect with the city’s passionate foodie community.

“We have tremendous respect for the legacy built by Jennifer Rubenstein and her team,” said Adam Grubb, CEO of AGM. “Our goal is to leverage that foundation and infuse Edible Indy with fresh energy and a team of creative professionals. We’re committed to telling the stories of Indianapolis’ incredible food and beverage scene in new and innovative ways.”

The acquisition will see Edible Indy evolve into a comprehensive media experience. Key highlights include:

  • Elevated Print Magazine: The magazine will remain a cornerstone, receiving a design refresh and featuring captivating storytelling that dives deeper into the city’s culinary scene.
  • Digital Content Expansion: Original digital stories, informative podcasts, and engaging videos will be produced to complement the print publication. Interactive features will connect readers with local food businesses on a deeper level.
  • Strategic Social Media Presence: A vibrant online community will be fostered across Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Engaging content, including curated articles, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and fun video snippets, will keep users coming back for more.
  • Dedicated YouTube Channel: Restaurant reviews, recipe tutorials, and shows featuring prominent Indianapolis food personalities will provide valuable content and entertainment for viewers.
  • Elevated Event Series: The popular “Food Truck Feud” will continue, joined by exclusive dinner experiences and other events designed to connect food enthusiasts with local restaurants, chefs, and industry leaders.

Edible Indy’s core mission remains unchanged – to foster a community around Indianapolis’ food scene. This includes everyone from passionate readers to local restaurants and grocery stores. AGM recognizes the power of collaboration and plans to leverage its expertise to connect these stakeholders on a dynamic, multi-platform level.

“Edible Indy has been a trusted resource for Indianapolis for over a decade,” said Grubb. “We believe our new approach will further solidify its position as the leading platform for all things food and beverage in the city.”

For more information about Edible Indy, visit EdibleIndy.com. For more information about AGM, visit AdamGrubbMedia.com.

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