As we celebrate the 15th anniversary of Edible, here’s a behind-the-pages look at the first Edible magazine – the 16-page, hand-illustrated Edible Ojai – how Edible Communities went from one small magazine to more than 100, and what they hope for the future of Edible Communities.

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“From the beginning, people thought that the main topic of Edible – because it’s named “Edible” – is about food. But without community…that’s as important as food. From the beginning of time, we told stories – we needed to communicate with each other, we needed to pass on our history to go to the future, which means we need to be curious about our life, our surroundings, each other – and one of the most important factors of these magazines is storytelling.” – Carole Topalian

“I always see Edible like a pebble in a pond. We are communities within communities and we are all connected. … I think what is vital to Edible Communities as an organization going forward is twofold. Our specialty will always be print publications; I think the hyperlocal aspect of what we do is so special. But that said, we do want to connect these issues – these through-lines that all of our communities share – to a larger audience. Collectively, we have so much power.” – Tracey Ryder

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