When you walk into Wildwood Market you feel as if you are in a city market like you would find in Chicago, New York City or even San Francisco. The old gas station with garage doors, cement floors and a reclaimed feel speak to the neighborhood of Fountain Square. A business that has long been needed in this area and as Craig Sanders, owner of Wildwood Market explained, “We knew there was a need for a neighborhood market and we are attempting to fill it.” What are they filling at this market? A need for good, fresh food that is reasonably priced.

When you walk in you are immediately pulled to the left where they have a variety of fresh produce, breads from Amelia’s and Cornerstone Bakeries and local and Midwest retail items This includes freshly roasted brewed or pour over coffee from Liberation Roasting, Tinker, and Mile Square and pastries from Circle City Sweets. Near the counter they have fresh meats from Fischer Farms, Miller Poultry and Goose the Market, not to mention the beautiful selection of cheese brought in by Cheesemonger, Grace Lowe, featuring everything from recent Good Foods Award winner Jacob and Brichford to the newly established Tulip Tree Creamery out of Zionsville.

Each day the staff, made up of three full-time people including Craig Sanders, and his two part-time staff members, including Fountain Square’s beloved Benny Sanders (no relation to Craig merely coincidence), create one grab-and-go sandwich priced at a reasonable $8. In addition, they carry one to two soups crafted by none other than Cindy Hawkins of Circle City Sweets and Circle City Soups, and on occasion you will find Benny slicing, dicing and making a salad masterpiece worth every penny.

They also have a small section of freezer and refrigerator foods including Traders Point Creamery milk and yogurt, Midwest butter, Martha’s pimento cheese from Milwaukee, Lattice & Lard to-die-for Pecan pies and even Husk corn. According to Craig, over 60% of their food is local or from the Midwest. His mission is to bring good quality food with good local representation of unique artisan products. The list of Midwest artisans and steady line of customers for a business open less than a month is impressive.

The goal for Wildwood in 2015 is to create more of a community and to educate about good food. To further this goal, the hope is to eventually build an urban garden in the parking lot. But, at first they will start small with pallet gardens to provide more green space and fresh items for the market and Fountain Square.

For more information about Wildwood Market visit WildwoodMarket.com or take a stroll to their location and check it out for yourself.

Wildwood Market
1501 Virginia Ave.

Located at 1501 Virginia Ave in an old gas station building. They feature many fresh and locally grown products from small farms such as Growing Places, Harvestland Farms and more. Freshly grown from Indiana farms. Table of good for you food from many Midwest artisans.

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