November catches the tail end of apple, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower and brussels sprout season with the last of the freshly picked varieties coming to harvest. Garlic and onions are still prolific and the focus shifts to harvesting greens. Varieties ranging from kale to collards can still be found as late as the end of November, depending on the weather. Winter squash is king right now with acorn, spaghetti, and butternut ready for harvest and cool weather roasting.

Make plans now to order local smoked ham, farm raised turkey, and Indiana duck for your holiday table or foraging your own winter bounty such as venison, rabbit, quail, pheasant and other waterfowl.


Hydroponic greens, locally raised meats such as bison, beef, pork, rabbit and foods like eggs and cheeses take center stage at winter farmers markets in these colder months. Look for fresh breads, baked goods, goats milk soaps and other soothing items to tide you over until the first crocus’ start to peek through the snow.

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