Everwanted to try that certain restaurant in downtown Indianapolis, but you haven’t had the time and maybe you didn’t want to spend the money? Well it’s time to carve out some space for yourself in your calendar for Devour Downtown. The event offers the perfect opportunity to try something new and save. With 90 downtown area restaurants (many that are local) offering “3 course, value-priced menus,” you can’t go wrong.

Edible Indy was lucky enough to be invited to enjoy Soupremacy and 1913 Restaurant at the Omni. Two different takes on the Devour Downtown line up; one a local, housemade New York style soup shop and the other an elegant take on farm-to-table food from local and regional ingredients. And that’s the real appeal of the event: you can find what you want from a burger and fries to a fancy night out on the town.

Devour Downtown ends Sunday, February 7th so check it out before it’s gone!

To learn more about the event and the restaurants involved, please go tohttp://devourdowntown.org.

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