Habig Garden Shops SPEAK ORGANIC. Spring is time to plant seeds inside and out. Old wives’ tales tell us to plant peas, radishes, lettuces and potatoes shortly after St. Paddy’s Day and to sow new grass seed on the last snow of the season.
It is also the prime time to clean landscape beds and cut back ornamental grasses. This debris is the perfect addition to integrate directly into that winter compost pile that needs to be turned. Did you know that adding corn gluten to your established perennials beds helps to prevent weeds from germinating and help to feed those perennials?
AND it’s no joke, but on the first of April start planting your cole crops. Cole crops are vegetables in the mustard family. They include plants such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale and kohlrabi.
Habig Garden Shops speak organics. They promote a full line of organic food and solutions for your lawn and garden needs. They carry brands such as Happy Frog, Espoma, Dr. Earth, worm castings, corn gluten and many other organic products. The garden shops also carry a wide variety of seeds, plants, flowers and other garden necessities to give you a beautiful and robust lawn and garden.

Visit one of their three locations for all your garden needs.

1225 E. 86th St. | Indianapolis
15311 N. Meridian St. | Carmel
5201 N. College Ave. | Indianapolis

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