A lover of food, art, and music who is an active artist and musician in addition to working full time at Bluebeard. He studied at Sullivan University in Louisville Kentucky and found his way home to Indianapolis where he fell in love with historical Fountain Square. He is a firm believer in doing what you love as well as loving what you do. He enjoys good food, good song, and good company and his motto is if we all must eat… We might as we’ll enjoy it.

Hero: My neighborhood is my hero. I have seen so much talent rise up and take root in my community. Indy has reason to boast for it’s culinary achievements. Fountain Square has transformed, in what seems like overnight, with the help of local restaurateurs like the Batistas, Tom, Ed, and Sherry). I love working at one of Indy’s best restaurants “Bluebeard”, a short walk from my home, as well as nationally awarded Milktooth, and so many other great establishments like newly opened Pioneer in the heart of Fountain Square. I feel lucky to be here.

Favorite dish to eat: egg in a hole.

Least favorite food to prepare: It is all good

Something always in the fridge or freezer: mustard

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