I can’t even pretend sour beer isn’t one of my most favorite things. So when an invite to Upland’s Wood Shop came through my inbox a part of me nearly caught fire with excitement. It seems almost like a dream to think there’s somewhere you can go as a sour beer lover and not be faced with the same few options time-and-time again (and almost never on draft). You won’t find that at The Wood Shop.

Upland’s sour beer arm is designated to please those of us sour beek geeks who seek out unique ales like bloodhounds. And the complex ales they offer don’t disappoint. You can still try your steady Upland favorite sours, like Cherry and Crimson (formerly called Malefactor), but you’ll also find new offerings on a regular basis (10 sours beers will rotate on tap) as Upland cuts its chops to bring outstanding variety to those who enjoy unique drinking.

For those of your friends who venture down to Bloomington with you to check out The Wood Shop, but don’t have that same love for sour (what’s wrong with them anyway?), no need to worry. The Wood Shop offers options on tap from the pilsner lover to the IPA drinker.

Head on down to The Wood Shop and experience a sour beer revolution. It’s located next to the Upland pub at 350 W. 11th St., Bloomington and is open Th–F, 4pm–9pm; Sa–Su, 1pm–9pm. Read more about it at http://UplandBeer.com. Cheers!

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