The Kitchen Community is seeking storytellers of all ages (students, teachers, parents, grandparents, administrators, anyone!) willing to share how the power of food has made an impact on their lives or helped to build community.

We are co-hosting a Spirit & Place event on Sunday, November 5 from 3-5pm at Shortridge High School, themed The Power of Food. The event will showcase seven people telling their personal story of the The Power of Food in front of a live audience in the historic Caleb Mills Auditorium.

If interested please call the number belowBEFORE AUGUST 14 and leave a message telling your story about The Power of Food. Be sure to include your name and contact information so we can reach you if you are selected to be one of the seven storytellers: (317) 426-1754.

Not a confident storyteller? Not a problem! The seven selected storytellers will have the opportunity to attend a storytelling workshop taught by storytelling coach Rob Friedman. In addition, the seven selected storytellers will receive a delivery bin of fresh food from Green Bean Delivery as an added incentive!

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