33-year-old Omar Guzman is from Oaxaca, Mexico, and he’s been in the restaurant business for over 12 years. He is a true cook at heart; he loves everything about it.

He loves seeing his ideas come to life on the plate. He loves the excitement of a busy kitchen. And he loves the adrenaline rush that comes from having a full restaurant to feed.

He strives to make all of Cobblestone Grill in Zionsville’s guests go home happy.

Omar’s favorite meal is anything his grandmother and mother cooked for him growing up. He says cooking their recipes brings back memories of his childhood. Last month he prepared tamales at the Chef’s Night Off dinner so he could give guests a taste of those memories.

Omar’s pantry staple is a good bottle of olive oil and sea salt. And in his refrigerator, he likes to keep pecorino romano on hand.

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