28-year-old Jessica Selkirk has always had a love for food. She grew up on a farm in Economy and her mom made fresh meals daily using the produce their garden provided.

Her first job was working the grill at a country club in Richmond when she was 16-years-old. She realized that she loved creating something people enjoy so much. Jessica says people will come up with any excuse to have a great meal – anniversary, birthday, the weekend, or even a Tuesday.

Her favorite dish ever eaten was at Moto Restaurant in Chicago. She had a perfectly cooked poached lobster with freshly squeezed orange juice. The server squeezed a half orange table-side, and it was the perfect balance of flavors yet still playful.

Her go-to restaurant is Saigon near 38th St and Lafayette Rd. She says she ends up there at least once a week, and she orders the number 51.

Jessica says she she doesn’t like to use bleu cheese in her cooking. But that’s because she’s deathly allergic to the mold! So understandably she tries not to be around it too often.

So what’s the staple in this sous chef’s pantry? Hot sauce! All kind and all varieties! She’s also a big fan of always using salt.

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