There is eggnog, and then there is eggnog. We all know the difference. Traders Point Creamery’s variety is the latter: an organic, homemade-tasting nog that puts other store-bought concoctions to shame.

The secret to its goodness? Milk and cream from 100% grass-fed cows that roam Traders Point’s dairy farm in Zionsville, plus egg yolk, cane sugar, Madagascar vanilla and spices. For some, it’s just not the holidays until they’ve sipped it. Drink it with a splash of bourbon or rum, or combine it in a blender with vanilla ice cream for an eggnog milkshake.

Its quick stint on store shelves has begun–find the nog at Marsh stores, Whole Foods Markets, The Fresh Market and other select retailers through early January. Or, pick it up right at the creamery, 9101 Moore Rd. in Zionsville;

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