Name:Beth McCarthy Smith
Company: SIMPLICITY Cold Pressed Juice

What do you sell? SIMPLICITY Cold Pressed Juice and SIMPLICITY Cold Pressed Juice & Raw Food Cleanses

When did you start your business? 2011

Social Media: @simplicityjuice

Health & beauty from the inside out. It starts at the cellular level. And that’s exactly what SIMPLICITY Cold Pressed Juices offers you.We feed your core. SIMPLICITY isn’t a ‘diet’, the latest fad or a magic pill. It’s an approach that’s sophisticated in its simplicity:

  • Add healthy nutrients into your body every day.
  • SIMPLICITY Cold Pressed Juices have no added sugar, preservatives or bulls#&t.
  • Each juice is made with dense nutrients, filling you up without weighing you down.
  • It’s the boost our bodies need: live, whole ingredients, filled with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients.

SIMPLICITY Cold Pressed Juice is an instant health-hit to the bloodstream, resting the digestive system and DELICIOUS!

We keep things pure and simple – never compromising quality – and cold pressed to retain maximum nutrition. So, drink to your health with SIMPLICITY Cold Pressed Juice. CHEERS!

SIMPLICITY is offered at local retail locations like: The Market District, Safeway Foods at 56th and Ill, Kroger, Eli Lilly, all the Cafe Patachous and Public Greens, SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, The Dailey Method,The Yoga Studio and more.

SIMPLICITY also offers several SIMPLICITY Cold Pressed Juice & Raw Food Cleanses Named Best Juice Cleanse by The Indianapolis Monthly.

Favorite food dish of all time and why? Hands down my favorite dish of all time is my cousin, Margaret Clark Barrett’s raspberry jam and brown bread.My cousin has a bakery in Dublin, Ireland and every birthday I get raspberry jam from her shop (Clark’s Bakery) and her brown bread— it is a real treat and beyond amazing and I look forward to it all year. (besides that – definitely – pizza!)

Are you charitable? Who do you support?We LOVE Patachou Foundation, Children’s Museum Guild, Orchard, Park Tutor, St. Luke’s, Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Margaret’s Decorators Show House, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Indiana University Health Statewide Trauma programs, Methodist Health Foundation,Gleaners Food Bank, Kiehl’s Annual Life Ride Benefits amFAR, and other various organizations.

What is your go-to picnic dish or carry in dish? I like to make SIMPLICITY Sunny Pate Dish with crackers – a crowd pleaser– and people usually have no idea it is a healthy raw dish….

Find this maker’s product at theCarmel Market District!

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