Circle City Kombucha

Name: Matt Whiteside & Skylar Williams
Company: Circle City Kombucha

What do you sell? Kombucha – a fizzy, healthy, Feel Good Soda

When did you start your business? 2015
Social Media @feelgoodsoda

Circle City Kombucha’s mission is to craft the Midwest lifestyle with our healthy, natural, lifestyle beverages. We are advocates of all things healthy, local, and craft. Skylar began his brewing career in Portland, OR and first visited Indiana about 10 years ago. On his visit he found the lack of healthy, alternative beverage options in Indiana to be disappointing, and he felt he had the ability to change that. Matt is a health & wellness fanatic and has professional experience in distribution & production. We decided to team up to create a kombucha movement in the Midwest and we are accomplishing that by crafting approachable kombucha. The question that drives us is – “Why can’t kombucha be just as ‘normal’ as soda? What would our community be like if it was?”

What was the hardest thing about starting your business?Kombucha was largely “unknown” in the Midwest when we started on this journey. So the hardest (and most rewarding) part of our business is education. That’s why we are here. We want to bring the Kombucha movement and the healthy lifestyle beverage to the Midwest.

Where do you see your business in 2020? We will be well on the way to making kombucha “normal” in the Midwest. Circle City Kombucha will be regularly available in most outlets where you would expect to find a cold beverage.

What is the go to meal for your product that you love?We love pairing our Kombucha with any meal from one of our local restaurant partners with our Feel Good Soda. For locations, check out our website.

Find this maker’s product at theCarmel Market District!

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