Name: Jennifer Wiese
Company: BeeFree LLC

What do you sell? We are dedicated to baking gluten free, dairy free, soy free snack mixes, pizza dough and cookies

When did you start your business? BeeFree was born on February 5, 2010
Social Media: @BeeFreeglutenfree

BeeFree warrior mix was inspired by our oldest son, growing up fighting the battle against autism. When my husband and I discovered the power of gluten free for our son, we started converting family favorite recipes to gluten free. I enlisted the help of my mother (aka queen bee) and after many, many tested recipes we created delicious food that no one could tell were gluten free. Fifteen years ago there weren’t many tasty choices in the gluten free aisle. I couldn’t bear the thought of my family eating food that was tasteless and chemical/preservative laden. So, I set out to make a change. At BeeFree, we are committed to helping change the way people eat – one bag of warrior mix at a time. We believe what you put in your mouth matters and it better taste good.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Breakfast – the best meal of the day! My favorite is an omelet with feta, spinach, avocado, jalapeno, sriracha

Are you charitable? Who do you support?BeeFree supports our autism community through jobs, food donations and financial support of autism research organizations.

What was the hardest thing about starting your business? The hardest thing about starting BeeFree has been the balancing act between being a mom and an entrepreneur.

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