Batch No. 2

Name: Zach Rohn
Company: Batch No. 2

What do we sell: Mustard and Catsup

When did we start: May 2014

Social: @batchno2

We are an Indianapolis based producer of artisan condiments operating out of the Fountain Square area. We are small, but growing and looking to show Indiana that small food business doesn’t mean small flavor. We have several flavors of both mustard and catsup, but one of our most popular is our ballpark mustard, great on hotdogs, potato salad and whatever your heart desires.

Favorite meal? Breakfast, always and forever, I would consider having breakfast for every meal even if not forced too! Scrambled eggs are my particular favorite, sometimes plain, but many times with goat cheese!

Hardest thing about starting my business? For me it was getting over the fear of having more traditional hourly income. Realizing that I could, in fact, do better for myself.

Go to meal for our product?Definitely potato salad. I love mustardy potato salad and our yellow mustard is just the thing!!

Find this maker’s product at theCarmel Market District!

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