The National Maple Syrup Festival took place in Nashville and Story March 5th–8th, celebrating its 5th Anniversary.

The festival featured many fun and educational activities from interpretive hikes with tree identification, sapping and sap testing (Brown County State Park), recipe competitions (Story Inn), spinning and weaving demonstrations (Pioneer Village in downtown Nashville) and Native American storytelling (Brown County History Center, downtown Nashville).

Local food vendors were one hand, including those located at the Brown County State Park location, such as Best Boy & Co., Brooke’s Candy Co. and 240sweet marshmallows, alongside the Dutch Oven Diva, showcasing cooking and baking in Dutch ovens with maple syrup. There were also many local maple syrup vendors selling a wide range of graded syrups in the Pioneer Village and in local stores.

To carry the theme, 22 local restaurants offered dishes, desserts and drinks on their menus containing maple, such as Maple Mustard Glazed Pork Loin (Abe Martin Lodge, Brown County State Park), a Maple Moscato Milkshake (Chateau Thomas) and Apple Cobbler with Maple Glaze (Story Inn). And, some local artists even handcrafted maple themed items to sell during the festival.

The National Maple Syrup Festival is full of deliciousness and fun, and because sap flows in the spring it serves as a great reminder that better weather is right around the corner.

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Photo courtesy of Rachel D. Russell Photo courtesy of the National Maple Syrup Festival Photo Courtesy National Maple Syrup Festival

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