In honor of 2017 being deemed the “Year of Vonnegut,” eleven of Indy’s top bars have created a Vonnegut-inspired cocktail for their menus. The cocktails will debut tomorrow through April 16, as part of a new Cheers to Vonnegut cocktail program.

Cheers to Vonnegut is a component of Indy’s citywide, year-long celebration in honor of the famed author and Indy native, Kurt Vonnegut, who passed away a decade ago. Vonnegut grew up in Indy and penned novels like Slaughterhouse Five or Cat’s Cradle.

The eleven cocktails will be featured on participating bar menus over the next eleven weeks, culminating with the grand opening of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library. The Museum and Library will open its doors on April 8 on Massachusetts Avenue, one of Indy’s largest cultural districts and home to three participating cocktail bars, the ball & biscuit, The Libertine, and Black Market. Other participating bars and restaurants include Hotel Tango, Spoke & Steele, Plat 99, Dorman Street Saloon, 1933, Thunderbird, Milktooth, and Bluebeard, which is a restaurant named after a Vonnegut novel.

Each of the featured mixologists used ingredients that portray Vonnegut’s character or the characters in his book, including activated charcoal to match the fate of his well-known book character, Kilgore Trout, or ingredients like a crushed Wheaties sugar rim to put a literal spin on his novel, Breakfast of Champions. A complete roster of Vonnegut-inspired cocktails can be found here.

Wanna make one of these drinks yourself? We have an exclusive recipe from Ball N Biscuit inspired by Kurt Vonnegut:Purely Coincidental.

In addition to Cheers to Vonnegut, literary fans can enjoy a self-guided tour of Vonnegut’s Indy by visiting the two-story mural of Vonnegut, several noteworthy buildings in the city that are designed by his grandfather, the house he grew up in, and more. A complete guide to Vonnegut’s Indy can be found here.

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