Looking to impress someone special with a local gift this holiday season? Indy-based startup Condiment Connection opened for business just this week and offers a unique concept that shows off the most famous flavors from different locales across the country. Perfect for personal gifts and corporate gifts, the company’s Famous Condiment 4-Packs bring the stories and authentic tastes of different cities right to peoples’ doorsteps, starting with Indianapolis and Chicago of course!

The Indianapolis gift box features 4 of our city’s iconic flavors, including the following:

St. Elmo’s shrimp cocktail sauce: Named the “world’s spiciest food” by critic Allison Stein Werner in 2008 and featured on the Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” in 2010, St. Elmo’s Shrimp Cocktail Sauce is hard to forget thanks to its powerful horseradish punch. Made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives, this condiment is a quintessential piece of the culinary history of Indianapolis.

Squealers Smokin’ Hot BBQ sauce: The famous Squealers Smokin’ Hot Sauce has won 11 national and regional awards in barbeque competitions. Not nearly as intimidating as it sounds, this sauce has a gentle-but-sufficient jalapeno kick delivered through a bold tomato-base that is truly unique to Squealers and Indianapolis.

Best Boy’s Bourbon Barrel caramel sauce: The Bourbon Barrel caramel sauce is one of Best Boy’s best-selling dessert condiments. Made with locally-famous Bad Elmer’s Porter from Bloomington’s own Upland Brewery, it has a full-bodied flavor and a creamy consistency, making it a perfect complement to apples, pretzels, ice cream or just about any other dessert you can imagine.

LocalFolks stoneground Xxpress mustard: The Stoneground Xxpress Mustard is LocalFolks Foods’ best-selling product. This fresh, stone-ground mustard is lightly sweetened with a little honey and ripe red bell peppers, making it a perfect complement to any sandwich.

Check out and order the Indianapolis Famous Condiment 4-Pack here.

The Chicago gift box features 4 classic condiments from the Windy City, including the following:

Carson’s signature BBQ sauce: Since its founding nearly 40 years ago, Carson’s has been committed to the art of authentic slow-cooked barbecue. Known in Chicago as “The Place for Ribs,” Carson’s smokes their ribs in a natural hickory wood-burning pit. Their famous barbecue sauce, known simply as “Art in a Bottle,” is at the core of the restaurant’s legacy.

Hienie’s Chicago-style hot sauce: Hienie’s unique neon-orange, mustard-based hot sauce began as a southside Chicago tradition nearly 70 years ago. After a cult following had them shipping orders of gallon jugs across the country, Hienie’s was featured in the Chicago Tribune, Food Guide and a variety of other news outlets. What was a local Chicago secret is now country-wide sensation.

Marconi brand hot giardiniera: A product of the V. Formosa Co., which dates back to 1898 in Chicago, the secret of Marconi brand hot giardiniera has been passed down through 4 generations of Italian owners. Originally popularized with the Italian beef sandwich, this condiment is inseparable from the culinary history of Chicago.

Vienna Beef sport peppers:Vienna Beef traces its history back to 1893 when Austro-Hungarian immigrants introduced their family frankfurter recipe at the Columbian Exposition. Since that time, Vienna Beef has become synonymous with the Chicago-style hot dog, as well as its famed toppings, including the sport pepper.

Check out the Chicago Famous Condiment 4-Pack here.

These Famous 4-Packs go for $39.95 on CondimentConnection.com, and you can get 20% off your first order by using the coupon code “edibleindy” at the checkout. Orders can be personalized and shipped to any state in the US, but they’re also available for local pickup here in Indy.

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