The American Dairy Association Indiana Inc represents 1200 dairy farm families across the state of Indiana. ADAI nurtures the storied “Drink of Milk” tradition at the end of each Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, operates the famous Dairy Bar at the Indiana State Fair, sponsors Indiana State School Music Association award programs, hosts the annual Ice Cream Social on Monument Circle in Indianapolis, and continues to support the over 70% of Indiana schools currently implementing the Fuel Up to Play 60 initiative, a partnership between the National Dairy Council and the National Football League. The organization is funded by Indiana dairy farmers and provides science-based nutrition and reliable product information to Hoosier families.


Driver Louis Meyer wins his 2nd Indianapolis 500 and asks for a glass of buttermilk in Victory Lane.


Meyer wins his 3rd Indy 500 and this time is photographed drinking his buttermilk in Victory Lane. The Milk Foundation begins to present milk to race winners on and off for the next two decades.


Tony Hulman, owner of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, makes the Drink of Milk a permanent Victory Lane celebration. Driver Pat Flaherty takes the first “official” swig of milk when he wins. Over the following decades, the ritual becomes a tradition.


The American Dairy Association Indiana launches the “Fastest Rookie of the Year” award to honor the fastest qualifying first-time driver.


“Milk-gate” erupts when winning driver Emerson Fittipaldi brings his own orange juice to Victory Lane. International outcry over the incident further demonstrates race fans’ commitment to the Drink of Milk tradition.


The Drink of Milk was called the “Sports World’s Coolest Prize” by Sports Illustrated writer Pete McEntegart, topping college football’s Heisman Trophy, the Kentucky Derby’s Blanket of Roses, the Olympic Gold Medal, the Masters’ Green Jacket, and hockey’s Stanley Cup.


Hoeing Livestock Farm, Rushville
About Ken
Married to Denise
Kids: Kim, Chris
Hoeing Livestock Farms was established in 1947, and now, three generations later, Ken and three Hoeing brothers are running the farm founded by their grandfather. The brothers milk 400 cows and farm 3,000 acres in Rush County. Ken was the rookie milkman at the Indianapolis 500 in 2013–getting prepared for his job next year to hand the 2014 winning driver a refreshing glass of milk to refuel after the race.

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