Carrie Abbott’s love for nostalgic candies developed at an early age. When she was a young girl, her grandfather would take her to Hook’s Drugstore in Indianapolis where she could see and sample different kind of old fashioned candies. These memories eventually led Carrie to try her hand at candy making.

As a caterer, Carrie realized candy would make a great party favor, so she began experimenting. The final product was a candy that was a bit harder than fudge, but softer and a little saltier than brittle. The combination led to a mixture of sweet and salty candies, like fudge and brittle mixed together. And then the name was easy: Fudge + Brittle = Frittle and Carrie’s Frittle Candy was born and launched in Indianapolis in 2012.

Frittle is, of course, Newfangled Confections’ featured product, but the business has expanded throughout the past couple of years and now her treats range to include peanut butter, mint, nuts, cinnamon, lemon and any other interesting combinations of new-candy-meets-Old-World flavors.

Carrie still keeps the old-fashioned candy store theme in mind as her candy line continues to grow. All production for Newfangled Confections takes place in the historic Chatham Arch neigh-borhood in downtown Indianapolis and all candies are made by hand. She also hand-stamps and packages the candies for an old-fashioned look.

You can buy Newfangled Confections online, at their store or at select local retailers. Prices start at $6.50.

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