For Inga Smith, a trip to Chicago in 2011 would change the course of her life. A friend introduced her to Garrett Popcorn, a very popular popcorn shop with a line wrapped around the building. She realized her hometown of Zionsville didn’t anything quite like Garrett’s, and that’s when the idea popped into her head.

She began making her popcorn in the kitchen of a downtown Zionsville coffee shop and selling her treats at the Zionsville Farmers’ Market. Her popcorn became popular enough for her to open a store in Bloomington. Shortly afterwards, she gained notable clients such as Oliver Winery, the West Baden Springs Hotel and Indiana University. With business steadily growing, she was able to open a second store on Main Street in Zionsville in April 2013.

Between Inga’s two stores, she pops 60 pounds of popcorn daily. She only uses high-quality ingredients and even uses Certified Organic Popcorn grown in Indiana.

Inga’s currently sells 11 flavors of popcorn. Her Hoosier Mix, which consists of cheddar popcorn and caramel popcorn, is her most popular flavor year-round. But during the holidays, Inga’s Snow Storm takes the top spot. This treat features caramel popcorn with dark and white chocolate drizzled on top.

Inga is always open to popcorn flavor suggestions. In fact, one of their most popular flavors was created after a customer suggested that she combine white cheddar popcorn with snickerdoodle popcorn. Inga thought it was a strange-sounding combination until she tried it. Now it’s one of her favorite flavors.

Inga’s popcorn prices start at $6.

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