Judy Coe and her family have a long history of making noodles. When Judy was little, she would watch her grandmother make, cut and spread noodles out on their dining room table to dry.

Years later, Judy Coe carried on the tradition of making homemade noodles for family and friends. But it wasn’t until she took a trip to the Richmond Farmers’ Market in 1983 that she had the idea of trying to sell them.

With Judy as the head chef, she enlisted her husband, three daughters and one son to help with the production. And to this day, her staff hasn’t changed much. The only additions are the three full-time staff members she hired to help with her expanding noodle empire.

Even though her business has grown throughout the years, Judy says her recipe hasn’t changed and they’re still “Noodles like Grandma used to make.”

They sell two types of noodles: wide and thin. Their best seller is their wide noodle, which Judy says has a similar texture and feel to that of a dumpling. She thinks it’s their best seller because it provides stability in your mouth and easily absorbs whatever broth it’s cooked in.

Judy has cooked up a wide variety of noodle recipes in her lifetime, but she says her kids’ favorite way to eat them is plain with just a little butter and salt.

Coe’s Noodles retail for about $3.58 per package, and they can be purchased on their website or at a wide variety of stores throughout Indiana listed on their website.

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