Dream no more: You can now savor a signature Indiana State Fair flavor all year round, right in your own dining room. How? Through a new Indiana Grown member partnership between Indiana Pork and Marsh Supermarkets.

The new alliance, appropriately unveiled August 10 during Indiana Pork Day at the State Fair, means that pork burgers—long a Fair favorite—will now be available in all 72 Marsh store locations throughout the state. The Indiana State Department of Agriculture, which developed the Indiana Grown initiative to educate consumers and promote consumption of Hoosier-made agricultural products, is seeing that desire come to fruition through the new partnership, said ISDA director Ted McKinney.

“It is a great example of how Indiana Grown supports all sectors of agriculture, in this case Indiana pork farms, and shows how we are using our network and resources to create opportunities and bring people together,” he said of the new partnership. “Now, consumers will be able to look for the Indiana Grown logo and purchase these must-have products year-round at their local Marsh store.”

Indianapolis-based Marsh and Indiana Pork are a natural combination, given each’s hyper-local focus. All but one of Marsh’s locations lie within Indiana borders, and the chain is a longtime supporter of its new associate. Indiana Pork, a producer association made up of more than 3,000 Hoosier hog farmers, promises to promote farmers’ pork products to consumers, and to advance business opportunities for Indiana pork farmers.

“We are excited about the opportunity to exclusively offer Indiana Pork products to our shoppers,” said David Palmer, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Advertising of Marsh. “We are happy to offer the famous pork burgers to Hoosier consumers and are looking forward to future Indiana Grown member partnerships.”

Jason Slaton, president of the Indiana Pork board of directors, added that the new partnership is proof of the current and potential future success of the Indiana Grown initiative.

“We are grateful that Marsh is so willing to support Indiana hog farmers,” he said. “We believe this partnership sets an excellent example of the success Indiana Grown can generate, and are thrilled to see it come to fruition.”

To celebrate, Indiana Grown will donate one pound of ground pork to Feeding Indiana’s Hungry for every Indiana Pork meal-upgrade sold at its Fair locations. In addition, more than 250 Indiana Grown products will be available for sample and purchase at the Indiana Grown Marketplace presented by Marsh for the Fair’s duration.

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