“Candy might be sweet, but it s a traveling carnival blowing through town. Pie is home. People always come home. from Pushing Daisies

Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, a random Thursday evening—any time pie is on the table a party is sure to arise, even if it’s a party for one.

But not everyone has the ability to make a pie that tastes decadent or looks like it should be on the counter at Oprah’s home. To make your life easier, Edible Indy has rounded up some unique and mouthwatering pies, both sweet and savory, vegetarian and gluten-free, that will be sure to push your guests into that heavenly sweet, soulful state. Oh and several of these actually have made it to Oprah s counter!

Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery

46 S. Tennessee St., Danville

Tu–Sa, 7:30am–3pm


Featured pie: Harvest Moon Pie

Price: Sweetie pie $7, full size $18

Featured pie: Buttermilk Pie

Price: Sweetie pie $7, full size $18

Ordering: Special orders are taken over the phone or in person with a 48-hour notice.

What makes Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery special?

Celebrating their 10th year in business, they have three generations of their family involved and put love into everything they serve and bake. They strive to bring freshly baked, locally sourced ingredients to Central Indiana folks and are a hidden gem located in Danville.

What is Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery famous for? Baked goods. Honey Oat Bread is the backbone of the menu with fresh soups made daily. Coconut Cream Pie and Blackberry Wine Chocolate Cake are the most popular desserts.

Dietary options: Daily gluten-free offerings with other dietary options available with custom orders.

Most mouthwatering item: Smoked SalmonOmelette with dill cream cheese and saut éed onions and tomatoes.

What is Judy’s (owner’s) favorite pie? Hands down, French Silk. No, wait, Buttermilk. Pumpkin Crunch. It really depends on the day, she loves them all so much!

La Torte Bakery

Storefront coming soon


Featured pie: “Full” Tart (vegetarian). Homemade piecrust, roasted bell peppers, eggplant, sweet potato, zucchini and cherry tomatoes, loaded with ricotta and feta cheeses.

Price: $35

Ordering: Orders are taken by phone or email with a 72 hour notice.

What makes La Torte Bakery special?

La Torte Bakery combines contemporary flavor and modern-design pastries, applying traditional techniques to all baked goods. Everything is made from scratch using local fresh ingredients. Owner Alexa has lived and traveled abroad, which has allowed the influence of both European and Asian fare to be infused in the La Torte creations.

What is La Torte Bakery famous for?

Tiramisu and Summer Cake made with fresh fruits and Greek yogurt mousse.

Dietary options: gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian.

Most mouthwatering item: Profiterole Tart, made with almond sable, chocolate ganache, vanilla pastry cream, profiteroles with cream cheese filling, toasted hazelnuts and chocolate sauce.

What is owner Alexa’s favorite pie? Portabella mushroom and Parmesan cheese.

Lisa s Pie Shop

5995 S. US Hwy. 31, Atlanta

Tu, 10am–6 pm

W–Sa, 8am–6pm


Featured pie: Humbleberry pie, which contains apples, blackberries, red raspberries and rhubarb.

Price: $15

Ordering: Special orders are taken over the phone or in person with a 24 hour notice.

What makes Lisa’s Pie Shop special?

Everything is done by hand, including the hand drawings on the tops of all of their pies. Their 28 years in business is proof of the effort and love put into everything from top to bottom.

What is Lisa’s Pie Shop famous for?

Plain and simple: Pies

Dietary options: Fruit pies can be made sugar-free.

Most mouthwatering item: Pie-in-a-jar

What is Lisa’s favorite pie? Although Lisa makes the best pies, she doesn t like pie! She relies on input from her faith, friends, family and customers to guide her in the pie making process.

My Sugar Pie

40 E. Pine St., Zionsville

Tu–F, 10am–6pm

Sa, 7am–3pm


Featured pie: Peanut Butter Cream

Price: $28

Featured pie: Pineapple Lattice

Price: $23

Special feature: Pie Pops

Price: $2 each

Ordering: Special orders are taken over the phone or in person with a 48-hour notice.

What makes My Sugar Pie special?

My Sugar Pie has been featured in several national magazines such as People, Country Living and even Oprah s blog all based on the delectable, old-fashioned flavors that delight those who have eaten a piece of their pie. My Sugar Pie ships nationwide and all the pies are from scratch and family recipes.

What is My Sugar Pie famous for? Hoosier SugarCream pie

Dietary options: Sugar- and dairy-free fruit pies.

Most mouthwatering item: Pineapple Pie and Peach Blueberry Pie

What is My Sugar Pie’s favorite pie? Peanut Butter Cream or the My Kentucky Pie

Rene s Bakery

6524 N. Cornell Ave., Indianapolis

F–Sa, 7am–5pm

Su, 8am–noon


Featured pie:Apple Frangipan Tart

Price: 9-inch $32.50; 11-inch $35.50.

Ordering: Special orders are taken over the phone or in person with a 48-hour notice.

What makes Rene’s Bakery special?

Everything is made from scratch, including a unique variety of European-style breads and pastries, all from a snug, azure-painted bungalow located on a tucked away street in Broad Ripple.

What is Rene’s Bakery famous for?

Croissants and Chocolate Chewies (cookies); the latter were featured in USA Today and are gl uten-free.

Dietary options: They do not have a dedicated, gluten-free kitchen, but offer flourless options such as French macaroons, Chocolate Chewies and b ête noir, to name a few.

Most mouthwatering item: Merengue-a-tangue . Call and ask about this creation!

What is the owner’s favorite pie? Blueberry or cherry. His favorite thing in the store are the é clairs.

Suzy’s Teahouse & Bakery

25 E. Court St., Franklin

M, 9am–4pm

Tu–F 9am–5:30pm

Sa, 9am–4pm


Featured pie: Cherry, pumpkin and peach pie bites

Price: $2.95 each

Ordering: Special orders are taken over the phone or in person with a 24 hour notice.

What makes Suzy’s Teahouse special?

It’s the only 100% gluten-free bakery in Central Indiana. They take pride in providing a refreshing, comforting and worry-free experience to those with dietary restrictions. The pies, breads, brownies, cakes and cookies are all gluten-free and out-of-this-world.

What is Suzy’s Teahouse famous for?

All gluten-free items, pies, peanut butter bars, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and cakes and 65 full-leaf teas.

Dietary options: 100% gluten-free

What is Suzy’s favorite pie? Apple

The Cake Bake Shop

6515 Carrollton Ave., Indianapolis

M–W, 10am–8pm

Th–Sa, 10am–10pm

Su, 10am–6pm

317.257.2253 (CAKE)

Featured pie: Coconut Cream Pie

Price: $54

Ordering: Special orders are taken over the phone or email with a 48-hour notice.

What makes the Cake Bake Shop special?

The Cake Bake Shop makes all of its desserts every day from scratch with the best butter, chocolates, fruits, eggs, imported flours, creams and sugars. All of this is experienced in a sweet little cottage in Broad Ripple that has been remodeled into an elegant, sophisticated bakeshop. It s the perfect place to spend the best part of your day.

What is the Cake Bake Shop famous for?

Owner Gwendolyn Roger s Earls Court Chocolate Cake won best cake at the Cake & Bake Show in London.

Dietary options: Any cake they make can be made gluten-free with a 48-hour notice. All desserts are vegetarian.

Most mouthwatering item: Quiche. People come from all over for it.

What is the Cake Bake Shop’s favorite pie? Gwendolyn s favorite pie is pecan.

Union Baking Company

303 E. Main St., Westfield

Tu–Sa, 7:30am–4pm



Featured pie: Sweet Onion &Fig Tart : Sweet onions with fresh fig, creamy goat cheese and fi n ished with balsamic reduction and fresh thyme in a gluten-free pastry shell.
Price: $24

Featured pie: Pumpkin Chip Cream Pie: Fresh pumpkin, chocolate chips and cream in a gluten-free graham cracker crust.

Price: $22

Ordering: Special orders are taken over the phone, by email or in person with a 48-hour notice.

What makes Union Baking Company special?

They are a bistro-style bakery and café, with a twist. Influences from travels all over the world add a flare on the café’s offerings. From French macarons to rustic Midwest farm-to-table offerings, Union Baking Company’s menu changes daily.

What is Union Baking Company famous for? French macarons, hands down

Dietary options: Daily gluten-free options including gluten-free bread for sandwiches. Vegan and vegetarian pasties are available and any dietary need can be accommodated through a custom order.

Most mouthwatering item: Moroccan Lamb Stew for order or when it’s on special … it’s to die for!

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