1 Harvesting

FirstDig up entire root
SecondCut off all leaves of root
LastTrim off new growth roots with top of root being square. Store root growth loosely in plastic bag in the fridge for spring planting

*Delay Harvest until October or Early November in cooler weather.
**When harvested early, the leaves of horseradish root can be used as lettuce

2 Storage

Allow root to dry and pack in bins between layers of moist sand or sawdust

Place in a dark location with humidity over 90% and temperature between 32-40°
*Over 45° the root gets woody and will sprout

Optimal Storage time is 6-9 months : Flavor lessens over time

3 Preparing Root

Peel horseradish or it will lose flavor

Fumes are strong: stay upwind or work near a window or outdoor It’s mustard oil (flavor and hotness) dissipates within 30 minutes when exposed to air

After grating or dicing, cover with white vinegar to prevent oxidation
*The longer you wait to add the vinegar the hotter it will be.
Less hot add vinegar 1-2 minutes
More hot wait 6-8 minutes

Sinus Infections: Instant relief hold 1/4 teaspoon of freshly grated root in mouth until taste is gone

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