October is National Seafood Month and in its honor, Fortune Fish & Gourmet has paired with Joe’s Butcher Shop to create a seafood charcuterie board. The ambition behind the seafood celebration this year is to show consumers a new way to connect with seafood. Joe’s Butcher Shopand other seafood vendors chooseFortune Fish & Gourmet as their supplier because it brings some of the finest quality sustainable seafood to the Midwest. The specialty food distributor services restaurants, hotels, country clubs and grocers in the area. Since its founding in 2001, Fortune Fish & Gourmethas come to be one of the largest seafood and specialty food distributors in the country.

With facilities based out of Bensenville, Illinois and Minneapolis, Minnesota, it is the Midwest’s premier fresh and frozen seafood processor. Its location near O’Hare International Airport in Chicago and a network of highways allows optimal delivery via refrigerated trucks that travel throughout the Midwest. Though customers can visit the Fortune Fish & Gourmetwarehouse, it is a business-to-business operation aside from its two retail stores in Minnesota called Coastal Seafoods.

Fortune Fish & Gourmet is driven by a belief in the multiple benefits of seafood consumption, and that healthier oceans mean healthier people. Standards are high at Fortune Fish & Gourmet, as the company has paired with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to set a sustainability initiative. It is also a founding member of the nonprofit organization, Sea Pact, which is a group dedicated to the improvement of fishery and aquaculture projects.

Considering climate change, the importance of investing in sustainability ensures the availability of healthy seafood in the future. Fortune Fish & Gourmet facilities recycle and compost, and they are working toward a zero-waste goal. All seafood trim, bones and heads are repurposed and any unused product that is delicious and healthy is donated to Care for Real Food Pantry and Lakeview Pantry. So not only does Fortune Fish & Gourmetsupport sustainable seafood but they also support a sustainable community.

Joe’s Butcher Shop crafted the seafood charcuterie board, butFortune Fish & Gourmetsourced and supplied the best seafood for the project. The teams work together because of their shared passion for fresh meat and pride in selling top quality food.

National Seafood Month is nearly here and there is much to celebrate, including sustainability trends and food trends. Seafood can be a five-star meal or it can be a quick grab and go; canned fish is great for a picnic, quick lunch or a unique appetizer. Seafood in a can is quick, easy and healthy, hence the rise in demand. This October and into 2019, foodies and ocean lovers can expect to see an emphasis on sustainability not only within the ocean itself, but in the way humans interact with it and sea life overall.

Fortune Fish & Gourmet
1050 W. Thorndale Ave.
Bensenville, IL 60106

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