Celebrity chef Michael Symon knows what it’s like to be on the road. And he knows what it’s like to either settle for fast food, the very less than appealing convenience store food, or go hungry while logging hours on the freeway between his homes in Cleveland and New York.

“The food options while you’re traveling aren’t the greatest,” he said. “You’re forced to choose between a drive thru or whatever’s available at gas stations.” Which, as anyone who’s driven more than a hundred miles knows isn’t always the most appealing, let alone healthy. And it’s because of these lackluster options that Symon is excited to help bring fresh, fast, quality foods to Central Indiana through his newly developed partnership with Giant Eagle and their GetGo Cafe + Markets.

Earlier this month Symon was onsite for grand openings at both the Plainfield and Rockville Road GetGo sites. The 24-hour GetGo locations offer a wide-ranging menu of made-fresh-to-order foods including mouthwatering, custom-made subs, burgers, breakfast sandwiches and more, available at any time, day or night. Also available is a smoothie and espresso bar, featuring customizable coffees, espressos and delicious, nutritious smoothies. In addition to these custom-made options, there is a selection of high quality grab-and-go sandwiches and salads provided by Carmel Market District.

“I’m always thrilled to visit Indianapolis, especially because one of my B Spots is in town. And I’ve been to many of Giant Eagle’s Market District stores, and am amazed at the company’s ability to bring so many delicious foods to life,” said Symon. Foods, he adds, made with sustainable practices including all natural, non-GMO meats and fresh produce.

Symon, seen here at the Plainfield GetGo “ribbon” cutting ceremony—which, said Symon, he opted to turn into a giant “sandwich” cutting ceremony—says, “I don’t make heath food, I make food that’s healthy.” And it’s that concept, he added, that Giant Eagle is giving consumers by providing food people can feel good about eating. Food that clearly lines up with his coined tagline: #FoodYouCanTrust

Symon is a James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef, restaurateur, television personality, and author. Named “Best New Chef” byFood & Winemagazine in 1998, Symon won the first season of Food Network’s The Next Iron Chefand currently, among other things, hosts ABC’sThe Chew. His B Spot restaurant—located in the Ironworks at Keystone—was recognized by Bon Appetitmagazine as a “Top 10 Best New Burger Joints” and is well known for its Fat Doug burger, named after Symon’s not-fat business partner, and its bourbon-spiked milkshakes.

Learn more at GetGoCafe.com.

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