Hannah Lindgren, at Deliberate Media LLC, will premiere her documentary, Food First, this summer. On March 31st, a lucky handful of us were invited to preview a few clips at The Playful Soul in Broad Ripple while enjoying some nibbles provided by Ezra’s Enlightened Café.

“We care about our state, our community and our people.” Audrey Barron, owner or Ezra’s Enlightened Café and proud supporter of the film, said during the preview night when speaking to the film’s importance.

The documentary, in production since 2014, resonates Barron’s sentiments, focusing on the food movement in Indianapolis and the growing demand for healthier and more local options—microgreens growers, farmers’ markets and local food-obsessed eateries and businesses are among a few of the film’s stars.

Hannah has worked hard to get this story out about Central Indiana, using friends and family along the way and a kickstarter campaign. The film is set for release to the public June 11, 2016.

You can learn more about Hannah and Indy’s food story, and watch the trailer, by visiting Deliberate Media’s website here http://www.deliberatemediallc.com/food-first.html.

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