Join the Serbs of Indianapolis on September 10th for their First Annual Indy Serb Fest, at 7855 Marsh Road in Indianapolis from 12–11pm, presented by Saint Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church. A celebration of Serbian culture, cuisine and Orthodox Christian Faith, the festival is an opportunity to enjoy Serbian heritage and have some family fun. Saint Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church and its charitable efforts will benefit from the energies of this festival.

St. Nicholas parish priest Reverend Dragan Petrovic is thrilled for the opportunity to welcome the community to Serb Fest and showcase what Serbian culture is all about. “The United States is a country of many nationalities that are united under one nation. People in our community are proud to be Americans, but we hold on to our heritage proudly, as well,” says Petrovic. Petrovic is most excited to show off what he calls ‘world-renowned Serbian hospitality. “Everything we [Serbians] do is made with love. Hospitality runs in our veins. Whether it’s our food or our dancing, we express ourselves in love and community.”

Petrovic also hopes that the event sheds light on many famous Serbs who have positively contributed to our global society like engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla, tennis player Novak Djokovic, physicist and wife of Albert Einstein Mileva Einstein-Maric and basketball player Vlade Divac.

There are many St. Nicholas Church members who, while they may not be worldly famous people, have incredible stories of triumph to share. Take Tina Smajevic, a St. Nicholas Church member and event organizer, for example. Smajevic came to the United States in 1999 at the age of 15. Knowing very little English, Smajevic and her family lived in three refugee camps after losing their home and possessions to local war. Before coming to North Carolina through a Catholic refugee program, Smajevic had been shot at, starved and hadn’t seen the inside of a grocery store in almost 5 years. After overcoming what she refers to as a personal depression, Tina became an American citizen in 2006. Her husband is also Serbian-American and they have three beautiful children, a family business and a home.

Smajevic is thrilled to present Serb Fest to Indianapolis. “When you go through bad times like I did, you are always connected to your country [Serbia]. I want to be able to show the good side of Serbian people and the parts of my country I choose to remember and love. We are so misrepresented in so many ways and this festival showcases our food, our music, our culture, our faith, our history and most importantly, our hospitality,” exclaims Smajevic.


  • Cevap Dinner – Cevap is a Serbian sausage made of lamb, beef, and pork. The mixture of meat and seasonings make an aromatic experience that will make your mouth water.
  • Sarma Dinner- Sarma is a Serbian stuffed cabbage. The epitome of comfort food, as the cabbage is stuffed with rice and meat.
  • Lamb Dinner – Nothing could be more Serbian than roasting a lamb on the spit. Let us do all the hard work, you just sit back and enjoy a nice roasted piece of lamb!
  • Authentic Serbian Beer- Jelen Pivo
  • Ethnic Cookies and Pita
  • Palachincke – A delicious Serbian pancake!


  • Orkestar Sumadija – Authentic Serbian Band
  • Bocce Ball Tournament
  • Cultural Exhibit
  • Icon Painting
  • Ethnic Folk Dancing
  • Bounce House for Children

Additional Information or Inquires? Please contact Casey Stanjevich, Event Manager, 317.874.8756, or Daniel Stanjevich, 317.490.4927 or at

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