Edible Indy’s readership is growing faster than the agriculture surrounding central Indiana. Reaching close to 14k followers on Instagram, the magazine boasts an active readership of close to 100K per issue plus a combined 22K followers across its social media channels. To help cultivate its growth and continue to strive for journalistic excellence both in print and online, Edible Indyis making some leadership changes.

Effective Oct. 1, 2017, Shauna L. Nosler, the current managing editor, will step away from her involvement with the magazine to focus on her freelance career as a journalist covering sustainable fishing and the emerging aquaculture industry. She has been a valuable contributor to Edible Indy’sgrowth this past year and has helped turn the magazine into a more highly visible editorial publication.
Rachel D. Russell, social media and digital manager, has moved on as well. Rachel held many roles with Edible Indy over her three-year involvement, and her contributions as the social media editor helped the magazine grow its online presence nearly twofold.
Beginning Oct. 1, Colleen Leonardi, current editor-in-chief for Edible Columbus,will step into the role of managing editor forEdible Indy. Born into a family of French and Italian cooks, she has always had a love of good food and the real living it engenders. She believes food is everything, anyone can cook, and everyone should have access to the nourishment real food provides. Cooking, writing, and editing are all a part of the same process for her—creating thoughtful and imaginative experiences to transform the way we live. She holds an M.F.A. from the Ohio State University and a B.A. from Bennington College in her lovely home state of Vermont. Leonardi will continue in her role with Edible Columbus while also managingEdible Indy.
Hillary Hittner also joins Edible Indyin the role of business development and social media manager. Hillary cares deeply about local food and is an Indianapolis native. She loves celebrating local food, where it comes from, and who makes it, whether it’s the best classic Indiana tenderloin sandwich or perfect vegetarian home cooking. Hillary embraces every meal from simple to elaborate with passion and appreciation. She is excited to bring her fun spirit, knowledge of the Indy food scene, and portfolio of professional experiences toEdible Indy.

From the publisher: “Edible Indycontinues to grow within the community as an educational and community resource with engaging storytelling and inspirational graphics. We are excited to expand not only our team, but our reach and community relationship throughout the state and Midwest,” said the magazine’s publisher, Jennifer Rubenstein.

Colleen Leonardi

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