INDIANAPOLIS – Almost 200 restaurants in Central Indiana will serve three-course, value-priced meals during the inaugural Devour Indy from Monday, January 23 – Sunday, February 5. The city wide dining experience is a combination of previously held restaurant week events – Devour Downtown, Devour Northside and Chow Down Midtown – with eateries on the west, east and south sides of Indianapolis.

The list of participating restaurants and some menus can be found, which also allows diners to search by cuisine type and region. Additional menus will be available as soon as the individual restaurants confirm and post dining options.

The original Indianapolis restaurant week, Devour Downtown, began in 2005 with less than 25 eateries. Originally developed by the Indianapolis Downtown Restaurant and Hospitality Association (IDRHA) in conjunction with the Indiana Restaurant & Lodging Association, the event grew to more than 90 restaurants in 11 years.

With the success of Devour Downtown, eateries across Indianapolis expressed interest in participating in restaurant weeks, which led to Devour Northside (formerly Northside Nights) launching seven years ago and Chow Down Midtown starting six years ago.

We took a moment to check in with our staff about some of their favorite picks from the Devour Indy offerings so here’s some ideas if you need a nudge!

Delicia, South Broad Ripple | Jennifer Rubenstein, Co-Owner and Co-Publisher

“I love spice, so Delica’s drinks pulled me in immediately. The food is simply sensational. If you love infusion food, this spot will present options that will make you crave it everyday of the week!

Osteria Pronto, Downtown Indy | Shauna L. Nosler, Managing Editor

“Hotel restaurants don’t always get a lot of love thrown their way, but the Italian cuisine at Osteria Pronto—located within the JW Marriott—is worth vising whether you’re a hotel guest or not. The salmon is divine and the calamari combined with crispy chunks of artichoke and fried lemon slices is a culinary masterpiece. And its one of the few places you can order a Piedmont Nebbiolo, well worth the splurge if you enjoy red wines.”

La Chinita Poblana, Broad Ripple | Rachel D. Russell, Digital Content Manager and Editor

If you’re looking for tacos with an Asian twist or the perfect cup of horchata, then this is your place. And it’s centrally located in the heart of Broad Ripple where you can feel the energy of a walkable city around you. This place is standing room only, and is sometimes wall to wall with people, but it’s worth it for the spicy eggplant taco every time I stop in.

The Loft at Traders Point Creamery, Zionsville | Lisa Banu, Contributor

The winding road to the restaurant is an adventure complete with a hint of feeling lost in unfamiliar territory. Once you step inside, delicious kitchen aromas sink down from above. You can smell the transformation from farm-to-table as you walk up to barn-style stairs the restaurant. The Loft itself has a casual and charming atmosphere, perfect for welcoming guests new to Indiana. The elegant simplicity of the food, starting with the cheese plate to the ice cream dessert, and everything in between, make the trip worthwhile.

Woody’s Library, Carmel | Charity Singleton Craig, Contributor

I love Woody’s Library in Carmel’s Arts and Design District. They have a wide-ranging menu with lots of options for people with specific dietary restrictions and preferences. The staff is really friendly, and they take reservations. Plus, who doesn’t love eating in an old library?

Mimi Blue Meatballs, Mass Ave. and Carmel | Julie K. Yates, Contributor

Who doesn’t love meatballs? I l always try several kinds, all are delicious, but I love the variety!

Delicia offers delicious Latin food eats. Osteria Pronto: Osteria Pronto is the unexpected gem of a hotel restaurant, with homemade pasta, to-die-for calamari and fresh, hand tossed pizza. La Chinita Poblana - Caption>Asian-Inspired Latin food that’s located in a quaint, standing room only space. ”  />  <img decoding= Woody's Library, Carmel: Woody's Library offers something for everyone, including a cool atmosphere and is located in the heart of downtown Carmel.

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