Chef Daniel Orr is bringing a piece of his childhood to the table at FARMbloomington restaurant.

“I was inspired by the 60s and 70s when my parents were members of “Gourmet Club” with eight other couples. They would go to each others’ houses, plan meals and then give each other recipes for themed dinners together.”

But Gourmet Club events at his restaurant are a lot easier for you to enjoy as all you have to do is make a reservation, sit down and enjoy hors d’oeuvres and themed cocktails 6:30–7pm in the bar followed by seating at 7pm for a 4–5 course meal.

And what exactly does “themed” mean? Chef Orr has put together many themed Gourmet Club parties throughout the years, occurring the third Thursday of each month for around 40–50 guests. From Oktoberfest, featuring German wines and special beer pairs, to Irish night around St. Patrick’s Day, featuring corned beef hash and soda bread, to Harry Potter night coming up around Halloween where his staff will dress up and a creative menu will be featured (I wonder if he’ll have Treacle tarts?).

But why wizard up such events? Besides the childhood memory, Chef Orr says the events are wonderful for the local community, including his staff as they work hard behind the scenes and deserve the well-earned standing ovations they sometimes get at the end of these elaborate affairs. And he says time and time again couples will return to get another taste of Gourmet Club—some of them have even become good friends over the years and enjoy sitting together.

“This is communal eating, team building…community sharing.” Chef Orr said. “And an event for all senses.”

Interested in a Prohibition Era dining experience or perhaps eating Julia Child’s favorite foods on her birthday? Or maybe feasting on South American Coastal fare or eating hagus while being serenaded by bagpipes on Scotland’s National Poet’s, Robert Burns’, birthday? Just a few more of the impressive Gourmet Club events Chef Orr has put together, complete with live music…and those cocktails.

According to Chef Orr, “It’s very exciting to serve dishes form all over the world.”

Who could argue with that?

And if you can’t get a spot on Gourmet Club night, the extra dishes from the events sometimes are offered during regular dinner service.

You can learn more about FARMbloomington and Chef Orr’s Gourmet Club suppers

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