Spices for Chai Butter Tea (1 of 1)

, I’ve never been one for breakfast.  My stomach doesn’t really wake up until mid-morning.  Sure, I try to take the time to make a hot breakfast for my little boy before he heads off to school, whether that’s fried eggs and fresh tomatoes, or homemade oatmeal.  For the most part, I sip something first thing in the morning: jasmine tea, bone broth sprinkled with salt and garlic, and lately, I’ve enjoyed spiced butter tea – rich and milky and spiked with warming notes of black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger.

Later, especially on the weekends, I might make something special for brunch:oat and berry cobbler, sourdough pancakes.  But, for the most part, first thing in the morning I want something very light, but also very nourishing: and that’s when I landed on spiced butter tea which reminds me of a homemade chair latté, only fortified by good fats and protein.

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